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What We Do

We show our clients, big and small, effective methods to create and build a perpetual marketing and sales cycle with not just your current clients and prospects, but past clients and referral sources. This means building loyalty and trust and keeping that trust, not just for “the sale”, but for a lifetime.  It also means staying top of mind to their clients and customers to remind them that you (the business owner or salesperson) appreciate them. 


Most companies don’t have staff available to reach out using card campaigns such as a holiday card or a birthday card maybe accompanied by a gift, texts and cards for special occasions, etc.  Often times an additional employee would need to be hired just to manage this role, if it's done properly.  We allow you to be the hero, while Morton Marketing Systems takes the load off you and carries out the process with minimal involvement or time on your part.  We focus on retention, so you can focus on growth, and we do the heavy lifting for you.  We partner with our clients from the initial point of contact and it continues for the lifetime of the relationship.

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