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How it Works

Morton Marketing Systems creates an effective relationship marketing machine.  It is a tried and true process with 3 phases to build relationships, trust and loyalty:

                     Obtain                       Maintain                        Retain                 


Once you've obtained your clients, you then need to maintain them by staying on the forefront of their minds.  Retention, the last, most crucial step in the process, falls into place, once the client knows they are important to you and over time grows to trust you. The steps are simple and basic but highly effective, yet companies and businesses don't necessarily know to do them, know how to do them or have the time to do them.  Regardless of the reason, we offer concierge-level services that do these steps for you so that you can focus on what you do best, while you keep your clients by gaining trust, showing them appreciation and staying top of mind with them year round.  Consequently, this will help grow your business by creating happy customers, and happy customers become excellent referral sources for you. Don't lose the clients you worked so hard to acquire. 

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