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Are You Concerned About Being Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Morton Marketing Systems Has a Turnkey Process with the Support That You Need So You Are Not Forgotten


Alissa Morton,

Retention Specialist


Stay Top of Mind, People!

Morton Marketing Systems is a boutique-style, retention marketing company with relationship coaches who work with business professionals to help them always stay top of mind with their clients to retain them, building loyalty to their brand.


The "leaking bucket" concept models a business as a bucket and customers as the water in the bucket.  The leaking bucket refers to a business that is losing customers and market share, because they strictly seek to build business, but in doing so, often neglect to service and show appreciation for their existing clients.  One way to fix this leak is to plug it.  Because marketing to acquire new clients is 5-25x more costly than taking care of current customers, it serves our clients  to focus on retention marketing, in order to plug the leak from their clients leaving.


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